Ministerial Staff of Starlight

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Dr. Shovie Ducre
[Pastor Ducre]
Dr. Ray Larry
Associate Minister & Pastor of Providence Baptist Church
[R. Larry]
Norman J. Farve
Associate Minister & Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church
[N. Farve]
Lonnie Raibon
Associate Minister

[L. Raibon]
Jerome Smith
Associate Minister

[J. Smith]
L. Steve Abram
Youth Minister
[S. Abram]
Dr. Edward Miles
Associate Minister
[Dr. Miles]
Xavier Smith
Associate Minister
[X. Smith]
Maurice Bacon
Church Clerk
[M. Bacon]
Willie Baker
Church Treasurer
[W. Baker]
Gloria Cyprian
Church Secretary
[G. Cyprian]
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[Pastor Ducre]

On the morning of August 8, 1938, in Bonfouca, Louisiana, GOD blessed the late deacon Shovie and Mrs. Bertha Ducre with twin boys--Sidney and Shovie, Jr.

The boys, along with their older brother, Joseph Vander, grew up in a Christian home where songs like Amazing Grace and Guide Me Over always rang in the air. Studying the Bible and practicing Christian behavior was a trend long set in the Ducre household. Sunday worship services and many other activities at Providence Baptist Church constantly found the Ducres in attendance. In May of 1953, young Shovie confessed Christ as his personal Savior and was baptized by the late Rev. Wilson Amos.

After graduating from St. Tammany High in 1957, Shovie enrolled at Southern University. Shortly after, he enlisted in the United States Army where he served for three years; and was stationed in Vietnam for thirteen of those months. During this conflict, it was strength derived from a powerful conviction to GOD that enabled soldier Shovie to fight along with the men of the 145th Aviation Battalion. In September of 1964, the tour of duty ended and he was safely reunited with his family in Slidell, Louisiana.

From this time on, GOD's plan for his life began to unfold. In August of 1980, he was ordained deacon of Providence Baptist Church. On October 19, 1980, pressing on toward the mark of a higher calling, Deacon Shovie Ducre, Jr. preached his introductory sermon, and was licensed on that same day. On November 24, 1981 Rev. Ducre was ordained by the Mt. Zion Association under the leadership of Dr. Wilkes Neal. He served as Missionary for the Association and as Associate Pastor of Providence Baptist Church under the pastorship of Rev. Emanuel Tillison until December 6, 1985.

In early 1986 Rev. Shovie Ducre became Assistant Pastor of Starlight Missionary Baptist Church. When Dr. Albert E. Pollard retired as pastor, Rev. Ducre filled the position as Acting Pastor. He was unanimously elected on June 15, 1986 and installed as the 16th pastor of Starlight on July 20, 1986. As part of his quest for knowledge and in obedience to GOD's command, "Study to shew thyself approved", in 1986 Rev. Ducre enrolled as a Bible scholar at the Union Baptist Theology Seminary. Rev. Ducre did not stop his education, but went on to earn his Doctorate.

A very devoted servant of God, he and his wife Sis. Jerelyn continue to reap the benefits of living a life pleasing in GOD's sight. Parents of five children, they work together, strive together, and pray together as they determine to allow GOD's Spirit to manifest Himself through them.

As we often hear him say: "My desire is to do GOD's will"; "Prime time is GOD's time"; "I wouldn't serve a GOD I couldn't feel sometime"; it would be well to follow his example.

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